Server Cabinet

Here is the half-width 9U cabinet managing everything "Network" related at home. The bulk of the setup sits inside a box furniture.

Its composition is, from top to bottom:

The external USB enclosure ICY BOX IB-3805-C31 with four 18TB Seagate EXOS x18 hard drives connected to the Protectli VP2410 running 24/7.

The whole cabinet is protected against power surges and power loss by an Eaton Ellipse PRO 1600 UPS, and its total consumption is lower than 110W for all the network, NAS and CCTV equipment. Battery life around 1h30 to 2h.

Software-wise, the Protectli VP2410 runs TrueNAS Scale on bare metal, with the following arrangement for storage space:

It also runs two virtual machines:

And runs a few Kubernetes Applications such as:

A Cisco CBW140AC-E Wifi AP is located in the garage, on top of the furniture that contains the cabinet.

A Cisco CBW145AC-E Wifi AP is wall-mounted on the second floor on the opposite side of the house.

A second smart switch Cisco CBS250-8T-D is located in the Office room, in order to connect both PCs , the Printer and a Raspberry PI based backup machine to the Network with the only RJ45 available there.

Both Wifi AP and both smart switch Cisco CBS250-8T-D are powered through PoE from the main smart switch Cisco CBS250-8PP-D.

The six 5MP Chinese cameras (based on Xiongmai IVG-85HG50PYA-S boards with Sony IMX335 sensor) are also powered through PoE from the decated CCTV smart switch Cisco CBS250-8PP-D.

All cameras have 940nm IR illumination for night vision, the outdoor ones have separate IR projectors.